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Alessi, trolley Plico - design Richard Sapper

| Designbest editorial staff


ith the reissue of Plico, the foldable trolley designed by Richard Sapper in the second half of the 1970s, Alessi—one of the major exponents of Italian functional (but unexpected) design—introduces a tiny new masterpiece “alla Sapper” into its 2020 collection. It once again recreates an object with an original vision capable of conveying emotion, reawakening memories and going against the grain in order to fit new contemporary needs. The classic kitchen accessory becomes a versatile and multifunctional object which, with its decisive look and well-defined personality, becomes a new and indispensable interpreter of the modern lifestyle.


  • What it is Plico by Alessi, the kitchen trolley reissued from the 1970s.
  • What makes it special Iconic yet extremely contemporary, it dates back to the 1970s but demonstrates a contemporary versatility and maneuverability. Moreover, it is a true space-saver and can be also used as a nightstand or a practical workstation in the living room by simply raising the upper shelve that compactly closes.
  • How it is made Foldable and easily maneuverable, it has a structure on steel wheels and two polyurethane shelves and is completely painted in black. In addition to being practical as a dumbwaiter in the kitchen or dining room, it is also convenient as a side table next to the bed or sofa and turns into a versatile work station with a surface for the computer. Once folded it becomes quite compact and measures 86x46x78h cm.
  • Whose idea it is Richard Sapper, the German designer and academic born in 1932 who passed away in 2015, considered to be one of his generation’s greatest designers. Thanks to his products’ technical innovation, formal purity and surprising effects, he won a good 10 Compasso d’Oro ADI. Plico is a reissue of a project made in 1976 that Sapper presented by saying, “I am interested in forms that change, which is much more exciting than an object or form that always stays the same.”
  • We chose it because…It is an iconic, functional and versatile object that is able to perfectly represent the contemporary lifestyle. It is the perfect example of Sapper’s innovative and timeless approach to design.


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