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Davide Groppi, lamp - audio speaker PoPuP

| Designbest editorial staff


oPuP by Davide Groppi is such a brilliant idea: a cordless lamp which doubles up as a music player. PoPuP is both a portable music player and a light: and what better way to create the perfect mood wherever we are?


What is it? Popup by Davide Groppi is both a lamp and a portable music player.

What is special about it? Popup has a simple silhouette inspired by a candle and it’s fitted with cutting edge technology; this turns it into a futuristic piece. A cordless device, its wireless connection turns it into a rechargeable music player.

How is it made? In metal and white methacrylate, it has a magnetic base to recharge its own battery, as a light it has a life of 12 hours and as a medium-volume music player it has a life of 30 hours. What’s more, its wireless technology can connect to any device: mobile phones, PCs, MP3 players, anything you can use to listen and play your favourite tunes.

Who is it by? Lighting designer Davide Groppi began his career at in the late eighties, by setting up a tiny workshop in the old town centre of Piacenza, north Italy. Here, under his own label, he started to design and manufacture lights with unique aesthetics. Simplicity, lightness, emotion and imagination; these are his strong points. His designs aren’t just simple lamps, because light, just like he says himself, is a wonderful chance to seduce and excite.

We have chosen it because? The soft light of a candle has a romantic and captivating feel. Plus, if we add background music the mood becomes instantly special. With Popup, instant magic is just one click away, be it in your living room, during a dinner date or on the terrace.


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