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Driade, desk Portable Atelier

| Designbest editorial staff


lean, simple, large and practical to use. What else could we want from a desk? Well, we would also want it to be versatile with enough space for all our equipment. For us, working well is a matter of style!

  • What is it? Portable Atelier is a desk designed by Driade in partnership with Moleskine.
  • What is special about it? Its parts can be assembled in a variety of different ways. So, you just need a second to build your personalised work station, which you can adapt to suit all your needs and space requirements. 
  • How is it made? Oak-finished birch plywood flip-top, frame in painted matt black steel sheeting and oak detailing. Portable Atelier comes with a comprehensive set of accessories which includes: side panel, front panel and sliding storage for all your documents, papers and letters.
  • Who is it by? Born in Nice, France, designer Philippe Nigro has always split his time between France and Italy. One of Michele de Lucchi’s students, Philippe and Michele have been working together since 1999, successfully bringing out a number of different pieces. His style draws from the art world (he studied applied arts) and modular design. Philippe is best known for versatile furniture, both eclectic and fucntional, which perfectly adapts to modern day living.
  • We have chosen it because… Portable Atelier has an elegant silhouette and distinct contemporary aesthetics, it’ll add instant sophistication to your study. We especially like it because it can be personalised, several of its parts can be assembled to suit personal taste and space requirements. So, besides helping you work at the best of your abilities, it’s also an aesthetically pleasing piece of furniture perfect for any room.


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