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FerreroLegno, pannelli scorrevoli Premium - collezione Scenario

| Designbest editorial staff


liding panels in crystal which mimic theatre wings: this is Premium by Ferrerolegno, an impeccable union of elegance and functionality. Moreover, we can add our own personal touch.

  • What is it? Premium by Ferrerolegno is a new sliding door in back-painted crystal.
  • What is special about it? Here,elegance and functionality are paramount. Premium is made using modular panels; colours and sizes (down to the millimetre) can be customized. This is exactly what we need for our exclusive tailor made door.
  • How is it made? Premium is in back-painted crystal (with two reinforced shatterproof sheets) with a complanar aluminium profile and a soundproof honeycomb panel. The aluminium profile is joined at a 45° angle and is available in either a standard anodized finish or in cast iron. What’s more, Premium has been especially designed to be sound-proof, part of the Scenario collection.
  • Who is it by? Ferrerolegno is a leading door manufacturer, especially as regards entrance doors. Ferrerolegno stresses technical innovation without forgetting style: simple, clean and sophisticated, for the true metropolitan home
  • We have chosen it because…  Premium is simple, lightweight and precious: this door is the perfect union between style and elegance. Premium is a clear reference to theatre curtains, when it slides open it brings to any home the same magic of a theatrical performance. Moreover, it can be customized by choosing different colours and sizes and in fact, we really like that we can have our tailor made theatre wings. 
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