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Hotpoint Ariston, FI9 891 SP IX HA

| Designbest editorial staff


sleek look on the outside and cutting edge technology on the inside; this is Premium by Hotpoint-Ariston. Premium is the latest slide in stove by Hotpoint-Ariston, recipient of the coveted 2016 Red Dot Award. And we bet, Premium will win over even the most exacting home cooks.


What is it? Premium by Hotpoint-Ariston is a top of the line slide in stove.

What is special about it? Sleek front in dark grey glass and horizontal handles in stainless steel and what’s more, it has a top quality cooking performance. 

How is it made? It has a compact monolithic structure, fronts in dark grey tempered glass and handles in stainless steel.

Who is it by? Whirlpool Corporation is a world-class name, which leads the field of household appliances and Hotpoint-Ariston was purchased by the corporation not long ago. Hotpoint-Ariston is best known for bringing together cutting-edge technology, style and elegant aesthetics.  

We have chosen it because… With its sleek aesthetics, Premium is guaranteed to turn any kitchen into a truly chic place. What’s more, it’s ideal for open-plan kitchens with breakfast area. Furthermore, Premium will cook to perfection any dish your heart desires. 

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