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Pascali | Semerdjian: Monica Collection

| Designbest editorial staff


tarted in 2010 in Sao Paulo by two professionals - Domingos Pascali and Sarkis Semerdjian – who share the same vision of the world, studio P|S focuses on aesthetic rigour, not taken for granted, as well as unexpcted, practical elegance.

You instantly perceive that P|S has a precise mission: to improve your life and other people's lives too through design. A passion for contemporary architecture and above all, an innate love for craftsmanship is what lies behind every object and idea.

The offsprings of artisanal families, the two architects learnt as children to work with their hands and were encouraged to do well, constantly improving themselves. In fact, the love and attention that constantly pushes them to devote themselves completely to every project, from start to finish (whether it's a lamp or a building), it’s undoubtedly a product of the manufacturing world.

Monica Collection results from this project. A multi-phase project that includes chairs and armchairs, tables, ottomans, storage pieces, trays and accessories in different styles that have the same underlying thread however: the aesthetic is transformed into a playful and at the same time functional expression of your everyday life.

Similarly, Aldo, an armchair with a seat in felt that is actually a folded blanket; a storage piece on castors that transforms into Emilio the barman or Mauricio, the butler, to satisfy all your desires and with Neco the ottoman, you are able to sit comfortably wherever you wish.

Apparently simple objects, they reveal a poetic soul capable of reinventing themselves with an extraordinary touch. "Less is more", as stated by Mies van der Rohe, one of the top architects of the twentieth century, in a response to the new demands of industrial production. Studio P|S has collected this legacy, interpreting it creatively, not restricted to the project itself, on the contrary it constantly regenerates itself by exploring new, better ideas.

One of Domingos Pascali and Sarkis Semerdjian’s strengths in fact, is specifically the ability to offer a new point of view every time, considering aesthetics as a playful-functional expression of your everyday lives. Creativity and quality craftsmanship are consequently the tools for redefining spaces, tailoring them to suit your personal taste, immediate needs and giving you maximum freedom of movement and expression, through new contemporary interpretations of style.

It isn’t a coincidence that the Monica Collection was selected by ETEL, owned by the designer Etel Carmona, who for over thirty years has been promoting the excellence of Brazilian design, selecting the best personalities on the contemporary scene as well as bringing out the re-editions of the famous icons that have shaped the history of design. A pioneer in designing with certified wood, ETEL was the first brand in Brazil to receive the FSC seal of approval: the meticulous selection of its Design Collection in fact, favours unique, handmade, top quality pieces that respect the traditional techniques of woodworking as well potraying Brazilian culture.

The pieces by Domingos Pascali and Sarkis Semerdjian, as well as many other designs, are fond in the ETEL showroom in Milan, a space that showcases the best on the Brazilian scene as well as represting point of reference for Brazilian design as a whole. It isn't a coincidence that its interiors (in a period building in via Maroncelli) are inspired by the Casa de Vidro in Sao Paulo, designed by Lina Bo Bardi.


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