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heir names are K-Air, T-Shelf, Inside Up and Skylift and they are the brand-new hoods made in-house by Faber Spa. Innovative and state-of-the-art, these models reflect the visionary and versatile brand’s philosophy in every way. Faber Spa, the world leader in the production of kitchen hoods, has always focused on state-of-the-art technology and meticulous attention-to-detail in order to offer high-performing and eye-catching design solutions capable of protecting our health and bringing us into the future.

These four new hoods are proof of this. K-Air, the crown jewel of the new collection, is capable of measuring indoor air quality and, automatically through special sensors, prepare for the room’s air purification. Geometric, neat and modern, this hood is a coming-together of technology you can control with your finger by simply typing on the 21-inch touchscreen monitor (which also functions as a screen for browsing the web or for connecting a video camera via wi-fi for monitoring the rest of the house), by voice via Amazon’s Alexa, or even by remote using its app.

Today we spend up to 90% of our time at home and indoor pollution can be up to five times more than what is outdoors, which therefore negatively influences our health. That’s why Faber pays intense attention to the quality of the home’s air, which is often polluted by chemical, physical and biological agents that undermine our well-being.

On the other hand, thanks its special Air Quality Sensor, K-Air monitors pollution levels at home 24/7 by monitoring several parameters, from the temperature to the humidity and the presence of volatile organic compounds like carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide and methane. If the levels are above average, the hood immediately adjusts the aspiration speed until it restores the air quality.


K-Air Hood

And not only! This Air Quality Sensor helps us always keep the hood at maximum efficiency, as it signals to us when the filters must be changed. It is a decidedly smart hood that becomes an element of décor and a real and true personal assistant dedicated to our wellness. The Air line is complete with vertical, ceiling, T-shape and built-in hobs, which are all equipped with Air Quality Sensors and connected to Cloud Faber and manageable via its app.

Meanwhile, T-Shelf reinterprets the classic island hood and turns it into a trellis-structured piece of décor with industrial and multifunctional style. It is perfect for organizing the cooking area and keeping pots and pans at hand. Minimal yet bold style can be seen as well in Inside Up, the hood made for those who are looking for a space-saving solution but don’t want to give up on power and reliability. Iconic and stripped-down, this hood also acts as a chandelier and gives character to any kitchen, even small ones.


T-Shelf  Hood


Inside Up Hood

There is even a retractable version for style purists: Skyline gets completely integrated to the ceiling to come down towards the hob only when one cooks. Made in glass and framed by an illuminated perimeter, it is the perfect model for those who are looking for the most in elegance and would like to create a new design by leaving the kitchen completely open onto the living room.


Skylift Hood

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