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Pyana Aries hood, design Carlo Colombo 2018, Vertical Flat collection by Faber.

| Designbest editorial staff


echnological innovation and artistic design: from a highly-experienced designer and a forward-thinking company comes an almost unidentifiable, and yet, immediately recognizable object.


  • What it is  Pyana, an aspiration or filtering wall hood by Faber.
  • What makes it special  There are two distinctive traits of the Pyana hood. First of all, its extremely practical vertical position, perfectly parallel to the wall, allows it to be easily inserted in the kitchen and other spaces. Secondly, it’s able to save space by housing its high-efficiency motor in just a 15 cm thick, 70x70 square.
  • How it’s made  Pyana’s glossy cover (available in black and white) has a opening glass panel and gently rounded corners. Inside, there is the so-called diffusor, or rather the contraption which suctions or filters, and also the motor, the pride and joy of Faber technology. For Pyana, the Nautilus and Aries diffusers are available: both guarantee limited consumption and high-efficiency blowing in a compact size. They are equipped with various innovative technologies such as perimeter aspiration, intensive speed, stovetop connection, led lighting and remote control.
  • Whose idea it is  The Pyana hood is the work of Carlo Colombo, a designer, architect and educator. His collaboration with the most important furniture brands began when he was just a university student, when Giulio Cappellini noticed his work. A 2004 designer of the year nominee in Tokyo, his design has received numerous international achievements. After the Glow kitchen island hood, Pyra is the second product Carlo Colombo has designed for Faber. 
  • We chose it because…  By looking at it one would never think that this is a kitchen hood. Rather, Pyana looks like a modern, conceptual, and virtuous work of art. It is a minimalist piece with rounded corners, 1970s in style, that we can hang on the wall and almost forget about its powerful performance.  


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