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Dada, ktichen Ratio - design Vincent Van Duysen

| Designbest editorial staff


juxtaposition of solids and floating shapes, top quality wood and pure innovation; this is Ratio by Dada, the latest by Vincent Van Duysen. Ratio by Dada transforms the kitchen into an architectural vision.


  • What is it? Ratio by Dada is a new modular kitchen.
  • What is special about it? Elegance, precision, functionality. However you put it together (as this kitchen is entirely modular), its characteristics stay the same. It presents us with an extremely refined, welcoming space.
  • How is it made? The structure includes metal parts, solids, voids and worktops in different thicknesses that hook on. You can assemble Ratio to suit your own taste, it comes with corner pieces, central islands, complementary accessories, breakfast counters, sinks and hobs. Ratio by Dada is made from top quality wood such as Mooreiche oak, black plam tree or natural stones such as silk georgette marble and rapolano travertino marble (paired with aluminium and bronze), inspired by a warmth Mediterranean feel.
  • Who is it by? Based in Antwerp, the Belgian designer Vincent Van Duysen has made a name for itself for his clean style, winning several coveted international design awards. He’s inspired by Scandinavian design, minimalist precision with a Mediterranean touch and a real love for Italy: its “way of life”, as he describes it himself, turns any project (whether it’s architecture or interior design) into a refined product. Vincent Van Duysen is the creative director of the brand Molteni&C Dada.
  • We have chosen it because… In the first instance, it’s sophisticated, dramatic as well as subtle. Then, you realise that this kitchen is the perfect combination of innovation and practicality and inspired you to start cooking right away. Need more to fall in love?


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