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Oluce, lamp Recuerdo

| Designbest editorial staff


motions, sensations, vibrations... Recuerdo by Oluce is a sphere in cut glass that brings to mind the crystal-clear sea. The same magical silence that reigns in the “upside down world”. Here, light refracts in a kaleidoscope of passing glares.


  • What is it? Available as either a pendant or a table lamp, Recuerdo is in clear cut glass. LED lighting is houses in a sandblasted cylinder, which in turn reflects light in the surrounding space. 
  • What is special about it? Recuerdo started off as a young designer’s dissertation project. It references the Caribbean beaches, where the sun weaves an ever-changing pattern of light. In fact, the cut glass and the LED lighting reproduces this effect. The precise shape of this light-bulb references the crystal-clear water and the our planet too.
  • Who is it by? The Venezuelan Mariana Pellegrino Soto has been living in Italy since she was eighteen years old. She studied product design at the European Institute of Design in Rome, as well as taking part in the school’s European exchange programme. Her design for a glass water bottle was awarded the Best Packaging Award at the Global Bottled Water Awards 2016. “It’s a great pleasure to have been chosen by an important brand such as Oluce...the truth is that I’m waiting from someone to wake me up from this dream and bring me back to planet earth”.
  • We have chosen it because... Recuerdo by Oluce combines a fresh idea with a simple silhouette. This lamp is magically evocative too.


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