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Moroso, bed Redondo - design Patricia Urquiola

| Designbest editorial staff


urved, soft and ergonomic; this is your dream bed. Inspired by fifties style, its quilted fabric is a delightful detail that perfectly complements any contemporary bedroom.



  • What is it Redondo by Moroso, is a bed in a quilted fabric.
  • What is special It’s inspired by the upholstered car seats of the fifties and the sixties as well as the actual car body itself, this is translated into an explicit, irresistible invitation to relax. Besides, the quilted upholstered is a perfect cold-busting detail.
  • How is it made its frame is upholstered by a quilted fabric with a three-dimensional pattern. The elongated, ergonomic headboard has a similar silhouette to the sofa part of the same collection. Besides, it’s smooth corners and curved silhouette are a clear encouragement to relax.
  • Who is it by Based in Milan, the Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola is known for the way in which she combines emotions, poetry and subtlety. Her strong suit is without a doubt her unique feminine touch that focuses on the present as well as looking to the future.
  • We have chosen it because… It winks at you with its glamorous style, it hugs you with its ergonomic headboard and in addition, it adds the perfect intimate, welcoming touch to any bedroom. A bed such as this is made for a goodnight sleep.


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