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| Designbest editorial staff


o one can dispute the elegance of period furniture. This is why we’ve fallen in love with Remind by Pedrali, a cute armchair that combines nineteenth century elegance with a current material (plastic). Practical and chic, suitable for any occasion.


  • What is it? Remind by Pedrali, the outdoor armchair.
  • What is special? It has the same appeal of a genuine period armchair, although this chair is stackable, perfect for the outdoors (entirely made out of plastic), lightweight, durable and breathable too. For the people who love retro-style, yet enjoy practicality too.
  • How is it made? Remind has a seat in reinforced polypropylene with a pierced backrest. Lightweight, durable, stackable and breathable, perfect for the outdoors and available ins several colours as well (white, sand, green, red, grey and black).
  • Who is it by? The Catalan designer Eugeni Quillet is a long-time college of Philippe Starck (they have work on many projects together). With an eye towards cutting-edge technology as well as mass-production, of his style Eugeni says: “a product has to be explicative, it has to express an emotion”.
  • We have chosen it because… Remind by Pedrali brings to mind the soft, fluid silhouette of a wooden chair from the nineteenth century and it’s so cute and chic that you have to have one for your dining room, study and bedroom and it’s suitable for the roof terrace too. Who would have guessed that it’s standard plastic chair. Hooray for style and practicality.
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