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Ragno, collection Resina

| Designbest editorial staff


tireless desire for experimentation, love for the land, a contemporary spirit and a flawless combination of technology and creativity. Resina, the latest ceramic tile by Ragno, reflects all the historical Italian ceramic brand’s principles. It is an original reinterpretation which, through the skillful use of ceramic technology, reinvents and highlights the resin, giving it a silky look with spectacular decorations and three-dimensional forms.


  • What it is Resina by Ragno, the ceramic covering inspired by resin.
  • What makes it special A ceramic collection with a bold decorative look, but it is most of all an original interpretation of resin, a trendy material that, thanks to Ragno’s technology, becomes even more stylish with a sophisticated color palette, a silky surface and a three-dimensional look.
  • How it is made It is a ceramic covering with 6mm of thickness, available in a 40x120 cm format with various decorative pieces. Created to reinterpret resin with ceramic technology, it has been developed into 6 colors, warm ones (terracotta, pink, ivory) and cold ones (white, grey and slate) and combines three-dimensional structures and digital and mosaic decorative pieces for a silky textural look. It is available in the 3D Bee structure (40x120cm) with rhombus pieces and metal slats that complete hexagonal geometries; a 3D Wall structure in micro-brick with a soft look that creates connections with or without metal slats; a Tropicana digital decorative piece (80x120cm), a format with two modular modules that interpret a botanic theme with macro-foliage in contemporary colors—perfect for creating backdrops or entire walls; a Venezia decorative piece (40x120cm) that is a modern interpretation of damask, made in third-firing with textural glazes and delicate patterns that recall the gold leaf technique; Forme mosaic (40x40cm) is assembled on a grid and made from various alternating geometric forms in decorated metal inserts; and finally classic mosaic (40x40cm) is mounted on a grid and obtained from a cut and assembly of the tile and is available the whole color range. Resina is particularly fit for bathrooms, living rooms and public spaces.
  • Whose idea it is Ragno, the historical brand from the Sassuolo district founded in 1949 by Afra Fontana and her husband Romeo Giacobazzi, together with entrepreneur Vincenzo Gibertini. The name comes from the industriousness of the arachnids, and in fact this brand is known all over the world for its constant drive for research and technological innovation, which has always gone hand in hand with aesthetic experimentation and eclectic and versatile design.
  • We chose it because… Ceramic technology captures the best of the resin by highlighting it as much as possible. The result is a surface with refined colors that combine sophisticated decorative pieces to a soft and silky texture that shows off haute-couture elegance.



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