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Valcucine, kitchen Riciclantica Laminato Cuoio - design Gabriele Centazzo

| Designbest editorial staff


nvironmentally conscious, a contemporary aesthetic and a functional design. What if we told you that we have found a kitchen that satisfies all these requirements? It’s so attractive and innovative, it appears to have been especially made for our personal wellbeing.


  • What is it? Riciclantica by Valcucine, the environmentally friendly kitchen.
  • What is special Light and hardwearing; this is the strong point of this kitchen. In aluminium with streamlined fronts and integrated smart technology, it’s the eco-friendly kitchen par excellence. It’s chic and practical too as you assemble it as you like.
  • How is it made This eco-technological kitchen is based on the principle of dematerialisation, not giving up on function and design however. The structure is in led scratched aluminium, waterproof as well as steam and heat resistant. It has the thinnest and lightest door on the market that opens with a simple touch and without making the slightest noise (with a mechanism based on the force of gravity). The finishes are eco-technological too: this version is in laminated iron-touch and leather. The Aerius cabinet with a semi-transparent smoked glass finish stresses the feeling of lightness of the entire kitchen.
  • Who is it by The designer and entrepreneur Gabriele Centazzo is widely regarded as one of the “gurus” of kitchen design. Started in 1981, Gabriele is Valcucine’s founding member as well as its creative mind. Valcucine is currently one of the leaders in the field of eco-friendly kitchens, known worldwide for their sustainability, innovation and ergonomics.
  • We have chosen it because… It has a distinctly modern aesthetic, sleek as well as practical. Yet, the kitchen’s eco-sustainability is the feature that has really won us over, protecting the environment and taking care of our personal wellbeing too. So, natural innovation is what we need. 


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