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Tubes, radiator Rift

| Designbest editorial staff


efined aesthetics, a streamlined silhouette and functionality; this is what makes Rift a true winner. Rift by Tubes is a modular radiator, which can be freely assembled and customised to suit personal tastes and space requirements. It’s also extremely easy to install and use. Furthermore, Rift received the 2016 IF Design Award.

  • What is it? Rift by Tubes is a modular radiator.
  • What is special about it? Rift has simple and clean aesthetics; they conceal true versatility and innovative functionality. First of all, Rift is a highly modular product, you can mount it either vertically or horizontally and even assembled it in a variety of different ways. And secondly, Rift is built using innovative patented technology, which is nonetheless extremely easy to use and install. So, it’s not just a coincidence that Rift received the 2016 IF Design Award.
  • How is it made? Two separate units in extruded aluminium. They can be mounted either vertically or horizontally, placed side by side or in reversed order. Tubes is available in the following styles: electric, hydraulic or in a further combi version. What’s more, it can be assembled with a variety of different accessories like a towel rack or shelves.
  • Who is it by?  Designers Ludovica and Roberto Palomba are known around the world for their unconventional bathroom designs, as well as their kitchens and other pieces of furniture. Clean lines and a streamlined silhouette; this is their signature style. Rift was designed in partnership with fellow designer Matteo Fiorini, also known in the design world for his unique point of view.
  • We have chosen it because… Rift is a minimalist piece, well suited to modern living. And what more could you possibly need? Rift is extremely practical and adds a touch of style to any bathroom. 
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