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Da a, swing Ring-O

| Designbest editorial staff


o you remember the old rubber tires that as kids we used to hung from tree branches and use like swings? Well, Italian designer Saverio Incombenti was inspired by his childhood memories to design Ring-O for Da a; a hoop swing with minimalist aesthetics yet extremely chic. Perfect for any age!


What is it? Ring-O by Da a is a circular swing with minimalist aesthetics.

What is special about it? Two interconnecting hoops, hanged by a rope. If you think of it, it’s almost too simple, but for us it was love at first sight. In fact, Ring-O has a simple kind of elegance perfect for an urban loft apartment, ideal for updating a balcony, brightening up your teen’s bedroom or adding a quirky touch to an old veranda.

How is it made? It’s constructed using two curved hand-welded metal strips, hanged by a rope, various colours available. Suitable for either indoors or out.

Who is it by? Milanese industrial designer Saverio Incombenti loves to play with simple geometry and design fun yet functional furniture and home accessories.

We have chosen it because… We love the idea of playing on a swing and Ring-O by Da a is perfect for making us feel like kids again. In fact, Ring-O has a simple kind of elegance, which helps us unwind without feeling too foolish. And it goes either indoors or out. 

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