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Porro, chair Romby - design Gamfaresi 

| Designbest editorial staff


fter 95 years of experience in the world of contemporary furniture design, Porro once again introduces their ideal of beauty with a unique point of view on spatial design. Purity in form, attention to detail and extreme care in workmanship are this brand’s musts. They have always worked under the awareness that aesthetics mean nothing if they do not rest on foundations of extraordinary quality. For 2020, Porro introduces a new vision of the classic dining chair which, in the hands of GamFratesi, blurs the borders between art, craftsmanship, decoration and design. It is the perfect balance between formal research, refined elegance and the contemporary savoir faire typical of this brand.


  • What it is Romby by Porro, the new dining chair.
  • What makes it special Geometric and elegant, it comes from the simple form of a rhombus and reinterprets vintage aesthetics with a sense of purity and lightness that make its both contemporary and timeless.
  • How it is made It is a padded seat with a swivel base that is made up of various elements which find balance between one another: an injection molded seat, padded and upholstered in leather or fabric, and a natural or black solid ash conic base made with segments obtained from high-quality cabinet-making workmanship.
  • Whose idea it is Gamfratesi, the design studio founded by Stine Gam and Enrico Fratesi that brings together tradition and renovation with an experimental approach to technique and materials. Their creative inspiration comes from classic Danish furniture and artisanal tradition, in addition to an Italian conceptual spirit, that the two designers translate into minimalist pieces capable of telling stories, interpreting symbols and creating associations. Each product deliberately highlights the process and technique which have created it, in a constant exploration between harmony and disharmony. Speaking about this project, they said “Romby is not only a dining chair, but an individual piece that unleashes its beauty in different spaces throughout the home.”
  • We chose it because… Its stripped-down design restores us with an iconic and elegant object that knows how to be comfortable and abstract—transforming a chair into a unique, decorative and versatile piece of furniture perfect in both the dining room and study.


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