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Ethimo, Rotin collection - design Zanellato & Bortotto

| Designbest editorial staff


orm, color and material: Ethimo, the brand leader in outdoor design, is already looking ahead to the trends of 2022 with a collection that unites this company’s iconic free spirit with their never-ending desire for renewal. In a collaboration with Studio Zanellato/Bortotto, Rotin is a collection that interprets the lounge area and outdoor life in an entirely new way.

It boasts of a convivial look that brings together outdoor style with the most traditional materials like pickled teak and nautical rope, mixing the mood of Asian tradition with the technical innovation of high-performing drained materials.

The result is a collection of furniture (from sofas to lounge armchairs, poufs and coffee tables) that plays with bold and bright tones, unique patterns and original craftsmanship. These pieces evoke a timelessness which is inspired by our experience and tells the story of locations. It is storytelling that perfectly reflects the style of the design duo of Giorgia Zanellatto and Daniele Bortotto. These two always pay special attention to color, traditions and craftsmanship and are thus able to get the most out of Ethimo’s creative philosophy.

And it is this creativity which creates the excellence of the new Rotin outdoor collection by designing its contours with a fresh and vibrant aesthetic that has the look of the most refined kind of comfort. The sofa, lounge armchair, pouf and coffee tables go for a pickled teak structure, nautical rope, technical padding and drained materials. The low tables show off glazed ceramic or marble (Verde Guatemala, Cipollino and Bardiglio, coming from leftover quarry slabs) and cement surfaces and are entirely handmade and inspired by the Palladian technique.

With simplicity and wonder, Rotin becomes an expression of convivial and ergonomic beauty which is capable of creating impeccable spaces not only outdoors but also in our intimate indoor spaces.



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