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Riflessi, Sabino table

| Designbest editorial staff


e are used to hearing about custom-made objects with endless personalization in finishes and materials which get mixed to transform our furniture. Chairs, beds and sofas with removable fabrics are nothing new. But what if we told you that we have found a table that casually changes looks?

This brilliant idea comes from Riflessi, the all-Italian brand which has decided this year to invest in the “New Past”. It is a design that rediscovers the past while projecting us into the future with retro inspirations which meet the sensibilities of the present.

In fact, their Milanese flagship store’s design plays with stylistic inspirations with a vintage feel and bold and futuristic pairings which create a lively and insightful setting. And right at the center of this scene the new Sabino table stands out. This model’s central, diamond-worked metal base takes a step ahead in the world of custom-made design. Indeed, the pillar can be “removed” and covered with a new shell with various finishes and colors. It is a table which changes looks when we want, while also flaunting hand-brushed brass, titanium and cobalt finishes which are pairable with the fixed or extendable tops in various forms, finishes and sizes.

It is a straightforward solution which follows the developments in taste and the trends of contemporary home design, which is continually more dynamic and in constant evolution. And with an eye on the future, it could not go without considering sustainability, another priority which Riflessi has decided to carry forward with in the carefully chosen materials of the new collections: like the new and certified Green fabric made up of 100% discarded fibers, polypropylene fabrics and recycled yarns or FSC®certified wood coming from forests managed with strict environmental standards. A combination of style and functionality which, once again, resolves today’s needs with timeless elegance and an eye on tomorrow.

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