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Alias, Saen table - design Gabriele Buratti and Oscar Buratti

| Designbest editorial staff


It is an overturned wine glass, a stylistic oxymoron, a round table in the most classic sense yet innovative, contemporary and bold. Plus, it gets even stronger with a new material. Here is the latest proposal from Buratti architects: a revisiting of the 2015 table with a technical detail that makes it even more unique.


  • What it is Saen by Alias, the new version of the round table.
  • What makes it special It is the product of lengthy technological research that molded a prized material, compact rigid polyurethane, to create an unexpected balance of volumes. Thanks to its technopolymer base, the problem of the table’s center gravity is resolved. It is fluid, sculptural, light, but decisive in its volume.
  • How it is made It is a round table with a central base made in compact rigid polyurethane which offers high technical and aesthetic performance. Resistant and sculptural, it has the shape of an upside-down wine glass with a slender stem with textured paint and an MDF or lacquered wood top in various finishes. In contrast with the original 2015 project, the base is made in rigid polyurethane (no longer concrete) and allows for the creation of uniform and clean surfaces.
  • Whose idea it is Gabriele and Oscar Buratti, owners the Buratti Architetti studio located in Milan. They have worked in a multi-disciplinary way since 1991 on projects ranging from the architecture of buildings and urban areas to designing furniture and accessories, mixing sculptural simplicity to technical innovation in materials and production.
  • We chose it because… It goes back to the classic round table and enhances its minimal elegance by adding a significant stylistic and technical detail: the rounded and impressive base which offers the entire project greater balance (and higher performance). It is for those who love classic items, but are looking for that something extra.




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