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Euromobil, kitchen Sei - design Marc Sadler 

| Designbest editorial staff


he number six is the essence of this project. Sei is the latest kitchen designed by Marc Sadler for Euromobil and countertops, sides, shelves and accessories are all 6 mm thick. For streamlined elegance.


  • What is it? Sei by Euromobil is the latest kitchen designed by Marc Sadler.
  • What is special? Its design is based on one sole number: six. The shelves, sides and accessories are all six mm thick, they construct a central island with integrated breakfast bar, a hob and a wall-mounted storage.
  • How is it made? Sei was especially designed for a dynamic use. It has a freestanding island mounted on support feet that houses a sink and hob; this is combined with a breakfast bar with stools. Besides, there’s wall mounted storage with a larder, low-level cabinets and open shelving. Sei is available in a variety of different finishes such as noble materials, traditional laminates or hi-tech materials like Fenix NTM® , besides Sei is customized with laminate surfaces or luxury materials such as marble, elm and stainless steel.
  • Who is it by? The French designer Marc Sadler was born in Austria but currently lives and works in Milan. A citizen of the world as well as a Compasso d’Oro winner, Marc Sadler is known as a technical designer, although he has a creative personality with a talent for painting and drawing that we consider his real passions.
  • We have chosen it because… Sei by Eromobil is a sophisticated kitchen with a clean and simple aesthetic, although it’s personalised as well with deluxe material combinations, refined details and a fresh, young flair. This kitchen brings to mind the world of high-fashion, although with the same bubbly flair of street-style. Without a doubt, Six is crowned the queen of modern kitchens.


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