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Lema, table Sesto - design Piero Lissoni

| Designbest editorial staff


mong its previews for 2020, Lema, the design leader in custom-made furniture since 1970, presents Sesto, a formal archetype of the table designed by the brand’s art director since 1994, architect Piero Lissoni. Balanced, bold and discrete at the same time, this stylistically harmonious table follows the brand’s new claim: “the art of dialogue”. It is a complex concept where there home becomes a privileged space, open to relationship and sharing; while the meeting between form and materials, and aesthetics and function does not depend on the personality of the person who lives there, but rather expresses and molds it to perfection with a discrete and hushed style that interprets new elegance.


  • What it is Sesto by Lema, the new archetype of the table.
  • What makes it special Stripped-down, it focuses on the archetypical structure of the table and the classic trestle to offer us an impeccably elegant, light piece of furniture capable of discreetly entering the home and marrying a new contemporary style of life. It is an unpretentious but striking table that defines the space with hushed and timeless elegance.
  • How it is made It starts from the traditional wooden trestle in order to create an elegant piece with formal simplicity. The seemingly stripped-down architecture hides a sophisticated detail: a T element gets inserted into the trestle to support the top. Another of its peculiarities is its free combination of materials: the extra-clear glass top, also available also in wood with clay and reconstructed marble finishes (Lema exclusives) or in porcelain stoneware; it can be matched to natural ash legs, heat-treated oak and walnut, while the support comes in metal.
  • Whose idea it is Piero Lissoni, the Italian design of minimalism and clean elegance. Born in 1956, Lissoni works as an architect, designer, graphic designer and architect (for Lema since 1994) splitting his time between his studios in Milan and New York and collaborating with a multitude of technical studios, fashion houses and the largest international design companies. Considered one of the most brilliant and influential contemporary designers, he has made formal lightness his distinctive trait.
  • We chose it because…It shows how elegance is both a question of proportions and delicateness: a few well-defined lines, a style that looks to the archetype of forms and natural materials that know how to create a perfect balance of textures and volumes. This table simply plays with a top and trestle, and still is impeccably stylish.





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