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Riflessi, table Shangai

| Designbest editorial staff


ou can extend it with the flick of a wrist, you can customized it (there are over 200 different versions), minimalist aesthetics yet rich in character; this is Shangai by Riflessi. Shangai dining table is the right piece for an open-plan living room: a vibrant yet functional piece, which adds the right note of style.

What is it? Shangai by Riflessi is an extendable dining table.                             

What is special about it? Shangai has a streamlined look, yet its knotted legs add a note of style. Plus, it’s available in a multitude of different finishes, which will undoubtedly suit any décor. 

How is it made? Legs in aluminium, they can also be clad in mirror stainless steel, painted white, graphite, corten, clad in sandstone or clad in oak in all the finishes available in stock. Legs are joined together with an asymmetric knot.

Who is it by? Italian brand Riflessi has made a name for itself for it tables, mirrors, console tables and home accessories with contemporary aesthetics and strictly Made in Italy. By bringing together clean aesthetics and function, Riflessi designs and manufactures current and extremely versatile pieces.

We have chosen it because… We have fallen in love with Shangai for its simple aesthetics, but also for its unique knotted legs, which appear to be dancing the twist. Shangai gives a dynamic touch to your entire décor.

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