| Designbest editorial staff


hat is this?  App is a small tray-style table with a hidden opening for electrical cables.

What is special about it?  App is perfect for any need, you can either use it as storage, charge batteries or as a practical table top... plus its essential design makes it a versatile addition to any room.

How is it made?  Solid polyurethane in either white or black and wooden legs.

Who is it by? Orlandini design Studio. This is a team of designers and creative thinkers, whose projects are based on rational, clean cut lines. Simple but contemporary, their creations play with technology, innovation and new materials.

We have chosen it because... We want to be connected and available while being comfortable. This is why App table is there to make our life easier by keeping our tech gadgets – such as smatphones, iPads, tablets -  close at hand and fully charged. But that's not all, under the top you can store your remote control and magazines (next to the sofa) or your favourite book, alarm clock and jewels (in the bedroom).

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