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Ardesia Bianca, Collection I Naturali 2020 by Laminam.


| Designbest editorial staff


ith a revamped brand identity that focuses on international development and a prominent digital presence, Laminam—the world-class Italian brand of surfaces for architecture, interior design and counter and tabletops—enhances its collections with new finishes that hold unexpected surprises.

  • What they are  The new surface of the 2020 I Naturali and Ossido collections proposed by Laminam for interior and exterior claddings: Ardesia a Spacco Bianco and Nero, Cristallo Lucidato and Verderame.
  • What makes them special  They are inspired by nature’s wonderful, delicate, often fragile and even flaky materials of slate and crystal, and metal’s mutations over time in the Ossidi series. These new finishes not only combine the beauty and value of natural materials with the high performance guaranteed by porcelain stoneware, but even reinvent the materials by combining original textures to new colors in a surprising mashup.
  • How they are made  Each of the new finishes has its own story and preferred use. Ardesia(slate) has a silky, almost soft surface, and is extracted from a few remaining quarries in Liguria—nowadays it is rare and preserved. Laminam has proposed it for interior and exterior flooring in the a spacco version—obtained in the past by splitting the stone along its veining—in the Nero finish and its irresistible Bianco variant. The I Naturali collection proposes the completely smooth and reflecting Cristallo Lucidato surface with its crystal quartzite effect for the interiors, specifically for kitchen countertops thanks to its antibacterial, stain-resistant and scratch-proof qualities. Its highly complex graphic material comes from its crystalline structure—that which gives the surface its three-dimensional look—and gets recreated thanks to 3D scan at a resolution of 1000 dpi. Lastly, the new Verderame finish of the Ossido collection is a product of aesthetic experimentation aimed at interior designers for the design of unique spaces, with fascinating green and rusty shades of oxidized copper. Available in large formats and various thicknesses, the slabs allow for tailormade customization in every space or on any piece of furniture.
  • Whose idea they are  Ardesia a Spacco, Cristallo Lucidato and Verderame belong to a project developed by a research and development team led by Claudio Corniola of Laminam—the company located in the Emiliano ceramic district which, since its founding in 2001, has rapidly acquired a prominent national and international position in the large-format ceramic slab sector. With a new brand identity and the publication of its first Sustainability Report, the brand of Fiorano Modenese has also made a green and sustainable choice in its production in full respect of people, the territory and the environment.
  • We chose them because…  We are not able to rue authentic stone when we have the high quality of Laminam’s slabs; rather, we can rejoice in the idea that there is no longer a need to extract it from our splendid territory. Plus, they contain surprises, because these “recreations” go beyond the original material and overtake the nature that inspired them. Not only do we find extra-large slabs—ardesia a spacco over 1.5 x 3 meter is unbelievable—but there are also decidedly unexpected colors like the incredible ardesia bianca.



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