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Zoom by Lea Ceramiche, collection Slimtech Concreto - design Fabio Novembre

| Designbest editorial staff


nique graphic patterns rewrite the style rules of stoneware. Designed by Fabio Novembre, the surfaces they create elegantly interpret the material quality of concrete. 

  • What is it Zoom by Lea Ceramica, the latest addition to the Concreto collection.
  • What is special Composed by four graphic patterns, this series reproduces the material quality of concrete, creating a new contemporary aesthetic for walls and floors. Extremely decorative, it perfectly complements the Concreto collection and it has great appeal as a standalone piece too.
  • How is it made This hi-tech series that integrates the Concreto collection (now available in three different thicknesses 10, 11 and 20 mm) with four large-scale graphic pattern: Reef, Dry, Foam, Tide. The four patterns are available in the size 60x60 cm and in a standard size 20x20 cm, an unique way of interpreting the traditional concrete tiles. 
  • Who is it by Born in Lecce in 1966, Fabio Novembre is an internationally renowned architect and designer with an studio in Milan. A multifaceted personality with great visual strength, Fabio Novembre’s designs draw from a diverse range of fields: his approach focuses on constantly changing point of view in an effort to imagine new worlds and breath fresh air into every project.
  • We have chosen it because… Bold, sustainable and stylish… This line of decorative tiles is a striking example of the way in which design is capable of combining groundbreaking technology with superior aesthetic quality. In fact, besides from being beautiful and hardwearing, it emphasises all the properties of stoneware with its endless possibilities, creating extremely modern decorative surfaces, mismatched characterful decorations and constantly new designs. 


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