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Candy, oven Smart Steam

| Designbest editorial staff


traditional oven is undoubtedly an essential appliance. As we are often restless, we have gone to look for the perfect oven with that extra oomph. Such as this one that has a steam cooking mode, a remote control and is self-cleaning too. All with a simple movement.


  • What is it Smart Steam by Candy, is a new traditional oven that has a steam cooking mode too.
  • What is special It’s a traditional oven although with a simple movement, it rapidly transforms into a steam cooker: pour some water in the special recess and it works automatically. It’s perfect for the people who enjoy eating simply and healthily, without giving up on taste. 
  • How is it made it’s a traditional oven that has a steam cooking mode too: pour some water in the special recess and turn on one of the three steam modes. The result is healthier, lighter food that retains all its organoleptic properties. In addition, combining steam cooking with the traditional one helps to keep your food crisp on the outside. This mode is especially suitable for leavening food products such as bread, focaccia, cake and brioche, or dishes that require a bain-marie such as crème caramel and Catalan cream. Besides, the oven works with the Candy Simply-Fi app too (that you access via wi-fi) with recipes suggested by professional chefs, the Acquavita hydrolytic cleaning system that simplifies cleaning and the oven door that stays at room temperature even when extremely hot.
  • Who is it by Candy is one of the top European manufactures of large household appliances. From over 70 years, Candy has focused on innovation and practicality: its smart products include the simply-Fi range, the first comprehensive range of appliances that connect to wi-fi and you turn them on remotely too.
  • We have chosen it because…  It cooks light, healthy food (enhancing its flavour) soft on the inside and crispy on the outside, it’s self-cleaning and you programme it from the office too. Smart Steam by Candy is a labour-saving device that guarantees a great outcome.  


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