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Caimi Brevetti, Snowpouf ottoman - design Paola Navone

| Designbest editorial staff


imple, rounded, playful and practical, you can’t ask anything more from a pouf. And still, this model recalling a Chinese drum is ready to surprise us with its special sound-absorbing fabric which reduces noise and provides us with unexpected acoustic comfort.


  • What it is Snowpouf by Caimi Brevetti, the pouf with a sound-absorbing fabric.
  • What makes it special The brand’s special patented fabric absorbs surrounding noise and creates total acoustic comfort, just like a sound-absorbing panel.
  • How it is made It is a pouf covered in a special Snowsound Fiber, the sound-absorbing fabric patented by Caimi Brevetti. Light and easy-to-move thanks to its lateral ribbon, it has a rounded shape which recalls classic Chinese drums. This was done on purpose as it is the antithesis of its function, seeing how its fabric absorbs sound and favors acoustic comfort.
  • Whose idea it is Paola Navone, the Turin designer located in Milan, who has made blending cultures her trademark. Curious, restless, eclectic and a diehard traveler, Paola Navone started her career by collaborating with Alessandro Mendini, experimenting and moving towards avant-garde design. She still gets inspired by her travels, mixing colors, materials, impressions and traditions in an unusual way and focusing on artisanal savoir-faire.
  • We chose it because… At first sight it is comfortable, reassuring in its rounded form, playful and practical thanks to its ribbon which allows us to move it easily. It is a simple yet useful piece which seems as if it were made for the kids’ room. However, when you find out that it is covered in a special sound-absorbing fabric and is able to reduce and soften sound, this small accessory becomes the brilliant, must-have solution to soundproof any area of the home.



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