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Sofa Alison, design Carlo Colombo 2020, Flexform.

| Designbest editorial staff


t moves from the indoor living room to the garden while keeping the original design’s quality intact—even when, like this year, it gets expanded a bit to be able to welcome more people. From a company that has made lasting comfort its mission comes an example of how to live outdoors with the same elegance of the home living room.


  • What it is  Alison Outdoor is the new outdoor sofa for the Alison collection by Flexform that also includes an outdoor armchair and the indoor one which was this seating family’s original piece.
  • What makes it special   Minimal and practical, but also comfortable and with an enchanting familial flair, the Alison collection makes good use of the great tradition of Scandinavian design, reinterpreting it in a contemporary key and extending it to the outdoor world, by maintaining the same elegance of the wood and leather version designed for the home living room.
  • How it is made Alison Outdoor is a light sofa than can be easily moved thanks to its materials. It includes a surface for the base of the seat and two round aluminum profiles (with an epoxy powder-coated finish), which bend to form the legs, armrests and backrest. They make up the frame where the backrest extends and gets covered by a flexible and elastic synthetic material (polyurethane eva foam) that is non-toxic, waterproof and especially resistant. The removable cushions are covered in a water-repellant material. The Alison sofa is available as a two-seater or three-seater, and the color range goes from white to satin-finish aluminum and various grays, greens and reds with natural shades.
  • Whose idea it is  The Alison collection is a project by Carlo Colombo, the architect and designer born in Carimate, in the heart of Brianza’s furniture factories and designer décor. Discovered by Giulio Cappellini, for whom he designed his first pieces, today he designs for the most well-known luxury designer brands and carries numerous international awards in his display case. Along with his work as a designer, he functions as an architect for public spaces, showrooms, offices, restaurants and private residences. He has done many projects for Flexform—from the Alison in- and outdoor collection to the recent Sveva seating collection, the Isabel chair and the Clarke table in 2013.
  • We chose it because… Perhaps for its solid and indestructible look or for its generous and comfortable seating, the Alison Outdoor is a sofa that, while finally stepping out into the garden, makes one feel like falling back on it with a thud in the certainty that it will stand strong.



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