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Sofa Twin, design Stefano Spessotto 2020, Calligaris.

| Designbest editorial staff


ince its founding as a small workshop in 1923—at that time specializing in wooden and straw chairs drawn from the materials available in the surrounding mountains and lagoon—it has been creating openly contemporary, functional furniture that is dedicated to flexibility in order to harmonize the most varied styles. We went to check out a preview of what the historical Friulano company is proposing for the home in 2020.


  • What it is  Twin, a modular sofa proposed by Calligaris, the Italian brand founded almost a century ago by Antonio Calligaris in Manzano, in the province of Udine, Italy.
  • What makes  it special  With a light and modern look, Twin is inspired by the classics of the 1950s. Beginning with a stripped-down design with austere and geometric forms, its lines get softened with a series of rounded details that make it more comfortable and informal.
  • How it is made  Twin is a modular system made up a sofa and chaise longue. Its slender metallic structure is highlighted by the legs which are split into two elements. Thin back and armrests create a fixed frame where padded cushions with horizontal seams get placed. Twin’s upholstery is removable.
  • Whose idea it is  Twin is a project by Stefano Spessotto Design Studio and his team. Located in Pordenone, Spessotto’s studio handles brand identity, design, graphics and outfitting for many companies including Arblu, Barazza and Ditre Italia. He has also designed the Le Marais and Queen sofas for Calligaris. Spessotto’s philosophy is summed up well in this short statement: “We have solid roots in the past and we look to the future, but always remain connected to the present and the demands of the moment.”
  • We chose it because…  Classic but not too much so, serious yet informal, soft and rigid, Twin is able to create an inviting light mix that perfectly fits the order and disorder of our everyday lives in both reflective and carefree moments.



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