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Cappellini, Sofa With Arms (Black Edition) - design Shiro Kuramata

| Designbest editorial staff


culptural, minimalist and full of character, Sofa with Arms is an authentic style icon, able to anticipate the times and trends. Besides, in a limited-edition, this cult-classic has once again bewitched its public.


  • What is it Sofa with Arms Black Edition by Cappellini, an iconic armchair in a limited edition.
  • What is special Originally designed in 1982, Sofa with Arms is once again in the public eye thanks to a new 33-piece, limited-edition series in anthracite. Originally created for the showroom and headquarters of the fashion designer Issey Miyake, as a tribute to early twentieth century modernism, Sofa with Arms reinterprets current trends and with its upholstery in blue, fuchsia and golden-yellow velvet, is perfect for all contemporary spaces.
  • How is it made The tubular frame is in metal, painted anthracite, the seat is in polyurethane, in different thicknesses and the internal structure is in poplar plywood. The bolster backrest is padded in polyurethane and the internal structure is in fir and MDF. From November, Sofa with Arms is available in a new version upholstered in velvet, in four alternative colours: blue, green, fuchsia and golden-yellow. 
  • Who is it by The Japanese designer Shiro Kuramata (1934-1991) is considered as one of the most important Japanese designers of the twentieth century. Throughout the years, Shiro Kuramata made a name for himself for his constant material research and experimentation as well as for his distinctive style that combines the traditional Japanese aesthetic and minimalist style.
  • We have chosen it because… Sofa with Arms Black Edition is a design icon that has remained relevant and is still setting the trends, thirty years later. It’s undoubtedly a must-have, wither you’re a design addict or looking for a stylish touch for your home.


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