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Faber, kitchen hood Soft Edge - design R&S by Faber

| Designbest editorial staff


ver the last fifteen years, the world of extraction hoods has undergone extraordinary innovation in terms of performance and, especially, design. And indeed, the kitchen space has not only become an exercise in design where every compositional and functional aspect gets represented in choices in décor characterized by refined lines, often with minimalist aesthetics and high-quality materials and details. However, designers have also given attention to appliances.The extractor hood has turned into an autonomous object with a precise identity in aesthetics and scientific importance. This is also the case with the new Soft Edge extractor hood by Faber.


  • What it is Soft Edge by Faber is a new wall hood—in extraction and filtering versions—which goes on to enhance the Soft Line collection by Faber. Its vertical configuration with rigorous lines and clean edges is what makes it distinct with an impeccable design that harmoniously fits in with the kitchen décor.
  • How it is made Soft Edge particular features include being soft to the touch, fingerprint and water-resistant, anti-static, scratchproof, anti-reflective and provides a reduction in bacterial count. The frontal Fenix® coating is borrowed from the furnishing sector and is applied in an innovative way to the extractor hood. From an operational point of view, it guarantees a reduction in energy consumption with A+ classification.
  • What makes it special Its stripped-down design combined with extraordinary tactile qualities. The fingers feel as if they are “caressing” its soft and silky surface. In addition, the opacity of the finish provides an elegant look, which is further enhanced by the colors available: Black Ingo, London Gray, White Kos.
  • Whose idea it is The Soft Edge hood, a part of the Soft Line collection, comes from Faber’s R&D department where engineering, technological and design skills find a place dedicated to dialogue and the development of products that are destined to create the functionality and efficiency of the contemporary kitchen.
  • We chose it because it is minimal like an abstract painting, but conceals state-of-the-art technology that ensures operational efficiency and excellence in performance for air purification.


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