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Zalf: SpaceMakers, walk-in closet Flexi 

| Designbest editorial staff


 ow many housing models exist? They can range from studio apartments, where every centimeter is used to ensure maximum efficiency over a minimal space, to family apartments with differentiated living environments tailormade for their inhabitants. In any case, one looks for dynamism, versatility and multifunctionality. And it isn’t always easy to find the right solution. Spacemakers by Zaif’s design was conceived as a furniture storage system to give an organizational response to today’s households which, now more than ever, are under constant evolution.

Its name a play on the neutrality of its lines, it transforms itself into architecture within architecture by dividing spaces, creating compartments and functional areas.


  • What it is SpaceMakers by Zalf is a project up of a complex system of modular storage furniture that can be united homogenously in order to respond to both the needs of storage and the division of rooms in a rational and efficient way.
  • What makes it special Its ability to fit each home’s specific organizational needs. The system can be assembled to create a fully equipped wardrobe, a laundry room, a linear closet or a wall system for the living room. One can create storage compartments in unusable corridors and entrance halls or divide a space in order to obtain an extra room for additional family needs. The keyword is versatility.
  • How it is made The collection is made up of 3 wardrobe systems and 4 walk-in closets that are compatible in finish, height and size and transversally combinable: hinged, sliding or coplanar doors. The walk-in closets are available with several load-bearing solutions, racks with and without filler panels and poles fixed to the wall or ceiling. A wide range of interior equipment allows one to custom design the storage space. There is additionally a wide range of exterior finishes both in colors and materials.
  • Whose idea it is SpaceMakers comes from a collaboration between Zalf’s R&D with Roberto Gobbo, an architect and designer with a long and prestigious career. Graduated in 1982 from IUAV Venice, he opened his own studio in 1983 working in the fields of architecture and industrial design as a business consultant and designer. He has collaborated with Euromobil and Zalf since 1988 and with Désirée since 1996, overseeing product design, showrooms and the outfitting of Italian and international trade fairs.
  • We chose it because SpaceMakers is a family with intelligent, flexible and efficient systems that allow one to “traverse” the entire home with storage units. It is a system capable of designing each single room and its accessibility by freely combing elements with regards to composition and aesthetics.





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