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Spaghetti Chair by Alias, celebrated in seven one-of-a-kind styles

| Designbest editorial staff


n 1979, the iconic Spaghetti Chair was born from the pencil of Giandomenico Bellotti and even today, it’s still a much talked about piece. Recently, the popularity of the Spaghetti Chair was celebrated by Alfredo Häberli with seven one-of-a- kind renditions. What’s more, this was Alias’ debut piece and the first chair of this brand to be displayed at MoMA New York, as part of its permanent collection. The Spaghetti Chair is an emblem of pure rationalism and it has shown time and time again that it’s still an extremely current piece.


  • What is it? Spaghetti Chair is the iconic chair by Alias, frame in either chromed or stove enameled steel and seat and back in woven PVC.
  • What is special about it? Its aesthetics are simple, rational and precise; these same principles were carried on by the designer Alfredo Häberli in seven one-of-a-kind renditions. 
  • How is it made? Frame in either chromed or stove enameled steel, seat and back in woven PVC.
  • Who is it by? Giandomenico Bellotti is the architect and industrial designer, who in 1979 designed the first version of the Spaghetti Chair. He is best known around the world for his strong rationalist soul. The seven one-of-a-kind renditions (shown below) are designed by Alfredo Häberli; this designer was born in Argentina, subsequently relocating to Switzerland. Alfredo Häberli blends creativity and beauty together, reworking the character of old and new pieces alike.
  • We like it because… Spaghetti Chair is a timeless icon; its precise silhouette has never gone out of fashion. And the renditions by Alfredo Häberli, caught somewhere in between design and irony, demonstrate the versatility of this second designer. What’s more, they reveal the endless faces of the Spaghetti Chair: poetical (paired up or used as a bench), ultra-feminine (with slim seat or extra-long legs), functional (seat can be close to the ground or also available as a coffee table) and extremely celebrated (like the reference to the famous Mackintosh Chair, in the version with elongated back). 
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