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| Designbest editorial staff


he inspiration is written in its name, Starman, one of David Bowie's most famous songs, is dedicated to the man from the stars who is waiting in the sky. Its melody, one of the most contagious ever written, has been playing since 1972 and has inspired a sofa that is defined by the same desire to experiment with new forms of expression. Its designers, Ludovica and Roberto Palomba, launch into space a powerful and dynamic sculptural object that encourages you to look for your own individuality.

  • What is it  Starman, a new system of modular sofas manufactured by Arketipo.
  • What is special  Its powerful presence, solid and dynamic at the same time, creates the illusion of a floating space. The sculptural silhouette combines a soft curved line with an asymmetrical design, resulting in a harmonious and fierce overall effect.
  • How is it made  The wooden structure is padded in polyurethane foam, available in different thicknesses on the frame and on the seat, ensuring maximum comfort. The backrest cushions are padded in 100% goose down and hide a more rigid internal structure that guarantees optimal support. Available in a variety of units, the components are assembled in many different ways to create designs that are suitable for a diverse range of spaces.
  • Who is it by  Starman is a project by Ludovica + Roberto Palomba, the golden couple on the Italian design scene, who, for over 25 years, has created superior quality products for the top designer brands. Their projects are designed to last in time, similarly to faithful and silent companions who stand out for a controlled grace in which aesthetic embraces function. They have won a vast number of international awards and acknowledgments, Starman (with the sofa Self Control) is their first project for Arketipo.
  • We have chosen it because…  It’s a comfortable sofa with a delicate silhouette that - with its futuristic shape and a touch of fantasy to the sound of Ziggy Stardust - could equally transform into a small spaceship that takes off to new, joyful worlds, where a man of the stars is waiting for us…


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