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Luceplan, lamp Stochastic

| Designbest editorial staff


parkly baubles to brighten up living room or dining room. Isn’t this fun? Perhaps, we could blame the time of the year (Christmas is closing in), but this chandelier remind us of cascading Christmas baubles and unleashes our holiday spirit.


What is it? Stochastic by Luceplan is a pendant lamp with LED technology.

What is special about it? Dramatic, unique and fun; this is Stochastic in brief. It adds a magical and poetical touch to any space. This bejeweled accessory is ideal for a quick update.

How is it made? A chandelier made from a variety of different glass baubles (you can choose between 48 and 72) with LED technology fitted in the centre. As a result, light reflects around the space and changes according to how you assemble the chandelier.  

Who is it by? Born in 1988, Norvegian designer Daniel Rybakken has a studio in Oslo and a second one in Gothenburg, and throughout the years he has received several coveted international design awards. Drawing from art and design, Daniel brings out mass-produced designs which have the same feel of one-offs, as well as furniture which looks like a work of art.

We have chosen it because… Bright, radiant, dramatic and sophisticated; this chandelier is exactly what we need for a sparkling and festive vibe. Perfect for the upcoming Christmas holidays, yet fine all year round. 


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