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Baxter, Stone bed - design Federico Peri

| Designbest editorial staff


hat do we want in a bed? We’d like it to be comforting and enveloping. We want it to reflect our preferred way of relaxing. And this is exactly what this new model proposed by Baxter offers. With its customizable headboard and super-soft design, it wishes us sweet dreams.


  • What it is Stone by Baxter, the new customizable bed
  • What makes it special You just need to add its various-sized lateral elements to put together your own custom headboard, which can be paired with two bedside tables with a built-in light. This bed offers us a cocooning effect and also focuses on soft details: the structure’s removable cover and the velvet back of the headboard.
  • How it is made It is a double bed that comes with a fixed or modular headboard in various configurations thanks to its various-sized lateral elements. The satin brass-coated metal headboard with its leather front can be completed with bedside tables with a drawer and built-in light, and can also be matched with a freestanding bedside table with or without a drawer. The bedframe with satin brass-coated metal legs (in various sizes) is covered in removable leather, while the back of the headboard is finished in velvet.
  • Whose idea it is Federico Peri, the Treviso designer born in 1983. He began his professional career in Paris, where he immediately defined his style among great masters, a passion for history and a contemporary mood. Afterwards he moved to Milan and worked for Vudafieri Saverino Partners until 2011, before opening his own interior and furniture design studio. Today he collaborates with various fashion and design brands, always interpreting each one with an original take.
  • We chose it because… It is comforting, soft, relaxing, and can be freely customized as the sector’s latest trends (and our desires) demand. It is the perfect bed for instantly designing your dream bedroom.



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