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Suite desk, design AtelierNanni 2019, Midj.

| Designbest editorial staff


ade by a firm that combines contemporary design and traditional woodworking techniques, a collection that with new pieces for the home-office, takes you by surprise for its dynamic line and a refined combination of asymmetries.

  • What is it  Suite is a furniture collection by Midj that in addition to seats, tables and coffee tables for dining areas and living rooms, now includes two new pieces for the home-office: a desk and a bookcase.
  • What is it  The latest additions to the collection are bewitching for their dynamic effect, composed by a few simple, streamlined pieces as well as by a combination of contrasting materials with an extraordinary overall harmony. Besides, thanks to a vast selection of colours, you are able to select the perfect shade for a personalised space.
  • How is it made  The Suite desk is composed by a top in smoke-grey, bush-hammered glass supported by a structure with one half made of wood and the other of steel, as well as four asymmetric legs. On one side, you are able to hang a document holder in leather that evokes the main material of the armchairs of the collection.
  • The bookcase with a structure in wood and extremely slender shelves in steel, is available either as a wall-mounted or a “back-to-back” version. The two products are available in nine different shades of wood, sixteen different colours in a matt finish for steel and the rear column of the bookcase is available in three glossy shades: pink-gold, black or chrome nickel.
  • Who is it by  Suite is designed by AtelierNanni, a multidisciplinary studio started in Bologna by the architect and designer Emilio Nanni and the designer Cesare Ehr Nanni. Their collections focus on the principles of simplicity and innovation, made for a multitude of Italian brands. They began to collaborate with Midj in 2017.
  • We have chosen it because…  With their shape and vast range of colours, the Suite bookcase and desk have a dynamic effect that energizes your workspace. Outside the box, they represent a stimulating source of inspiration, occasionally changing your standpoint as not everything follows a straight line.


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