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Sofa Surf, design Yabu Pushelberg 2019, Molteni&C. 

| Designbest editorial staff


elicately rounded and at the same time meticulous, monolithic yet dynamic, free as well as with a controlled shape; this is Surf, an innovative sofa designed by Yabu Pushelberg, the latest addition to Molteni&C’s catalogue for 2019.
With its contemporary expression, wide and generous, Surf is catapulted in the sophisticated world of this iconic Italian brand, perfectly aligned with the brand’s elegant, timeless aesthetic.


Sofa Surf, design Yabu Pushelberg 2019, Molteni&C

Thanks to the unconventional silhouette of its backrest, the sofa Surf creates a spectacular effect in the centre of the room. 


Its curved silhouette hides an innovate, high-tech soul that manifests itself as you sit down. Thanks to polyurethane foam in different densities, the consistency of the padding adapts to the ergonomic seat, hugging and supporting your body in the appropriate places.


Sofa Surf, design Yabu Pushelberg 2019, Molteni&C

The backrest and seat blend into one piece. Integrated in the seat, the base additionally disappears from plain sight.


Surf is a seating series composed of individual pieces. You are able to join a chaise longue to straight, corner and end units with partial backrests, to find the perfect size for your space. Surf is created by the Canadian designers George Yabu and Glenn Pushelberg, who have co-founded a multidisciplinary studio in Toronto and are soon to celebrate 40 years of their success. This is how they describe the source of inspiration for Surf.


“Our work constantly balances emotional and rational qualities. (…) With Surf, we were sat in a beach house looking at the waves, and then we started to sketch them. The final design has that kind of fluidity and undulation to it. It’s important that a design has a clarity of view, but it’s also important that it has its own voice.” - Yabu Pushelberg.


Surf has a distinctive seductive personality. Welcoming and unconventional, you are able to assemble its parts as you wish, Surf bears witness to the ability that this long-standing company has to renew itself continuously without losing sight of the cornerstones of its success, functionality as well as the top-quality of its products.


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