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Lema, system T030

| Designbest editorial staff


treamlined silhouette, clean aesthetics and modular components; this is T030 by Lema. Designed by Piero Lissoni, T030 is a highly modular series. It includes many different units in a variety of different sizes and finishes, which you can freely assemble to meet all your needs and space requirements.

What is it? T030 by Lema is a modular furniture series.

What is special about it? Versatility is its selling point! T030 includes shelves, sideboards, cupboards and storage in various sizes and finishes; this is ideal for any home. T030 can be freely assembled to meet all your needs and space requirements.

How is it made? It includes units is a variety of different sizes and colours, which can be freely assembled to suit your personal taste and décor: classic, contemporary, minimalist, asymmetric with either freestanding or wall-mounted units. Units can be fitted with either hinged doors, flap fronts or drawers. Plus, wall-mounted cupboards are hollow so you can thread through all your electrical cables.

Who is it by? Designer Piero Lisson is known for his pure forms and clean aesthetics, as well as a keen any for detail. His taste is distinctly modern yet also deliciously timeless.

We have chosen it because… SistemaT030 is an extremely versatile series, its clean aesthetics and modular units mean it can adapt to any décor and space requirement. SistemaT030 is almost  bespoke piece, which will suit all your needs.

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