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Moroso collection Taba - design Alfredo Häberli

| Designbest editorial staff


oroso, the Italian company known for its eclectic contemporary design, reaffirms its successful collaboration with the Swiss-Argentine designer Alfredo Häberli. In fact, it is Häberli who has designed the new Taba collection, a family of products conceived for a versatile and multifunctional living room. Organic lines and asymmetric forms are blended and overlaid in this line of seating that invites us to sit down in order to rest, chat, work—and enjoy the latest in contemporary home design to the fullest.


  • What it is Taba by Moroso, the new living room made up of a sofa, armchairs and pouf.
  • What makes it special The name comes from a fun, old rural Argentinian game that requires skill. And this “antique” simplicity immediately gives off a reassuring and enveloping sensation, but with a strong push towards the dynamism of contemporary home design. In this way, our living room becomes a versatile and comfortable nest where we can experience everyday life while taking in a family atmosphere.
  • How it is made The collection consists of eight pieces: two armchairs, a sofa and five ottomans that can be combined to create various solutions. In fact, TABA comes from the intention of responding to a type of existential multifunctionality: living, playing, sitting, working and conversing all become possible. “When you design sofas and seats”, affirms the designer, “interaction with people must take pride of place. This is why I play with the precision of lines and the poetics of the organic language.”
  • Whose idea it is Alfredo Häberli, the Argentine designer that lives and works in Zurich, collaborating with various leading companies on the international design scene. His projects, which are strongly influenced by his childhood years spent in Argentina, are expressive and emotional, an explosion of joy and energy. Speaking of this project, he says, “The game I was interested in developing with Taba is the entwinement of form and poetry. Of the linear with the elusive. I evoke the irrational, giving the collection the chance to experience a number of opportunities linked to everyday living. With a company like Moroso, cultivating inspiration from an idea which eschews general rules is something that comes easily to me.”
  • We chose it because…  Organic forms, enveloping lines and minimal, yet dynamic style. This collection focuses on simplicity in order to completely free us from convention and create a totally new aesthetic that is dedicated to versatile comfort fit to our needs.


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