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Table Ago, design Alfredo Häberli 2020, Alias.

| Designbest editorial staff


tylistic simplicity and design complexity are the keywords of this Italian design brand which has made lightness its leitmotif, and this year’s new releases are no exception.
In the name of “technological beauty”, this time inspired by the classic themes of Scandinavian design, comes an iconic project that in this new interpretation softens in form and material and, thanks to its generous dimensions, attempts to become the most multifunctional piece of furniture in the home. Let’s check out a preview of it to find out what it’s all about.


  • What it is  A reinterpretation of an iconic product by Alias, Ago is a dining table proposed this year in new formats and materials.
  • What makes it special  With a light and elegant design, Ago is a wonderful large wooden table (240 x 90cm, more than two squared meters). And just by thinking about it a bit more, we wonder how can it be so light and stable with its slender table top and four tapered legs.
  • How it is made  Ago comes from the idea of creating a minimally thick supporting structure to which legs and a table top can be placed and attached. In practice the concept has been implemented by making a steel frame which, like a slender spine, guarantees both the necessary stability and lightness of the design. The legs, redesigned to better take advantage of the seating space, are solid wood while the table top (rectangular with rounded corners or oval) is veneered MDF oak with edges that call back to the tonalities of the legs’ wood for a total wooden look. The wood finishing—available in every shade from lighter tones like bleached oak and darker ones like black stained walnut—blend in with the frame colors of white, sand, anthracite gray or black.
  • Whose idea it is  Ago is a project by Alfredo Häberli, the industrial designer educated at the Höhere Schule für Gestaltung in Zurich where his Design Development studio is located. Argentine by birth and Swiss adoption, in his designs the study of traditions and the application of new technologies are joined with a vital and joyous spirit. His first collaboration with Alias goes back to 1996 with the SEC system of modular elements, and since then it has consistently continued up until 2019’s armchair Time and 2020’s Ago table.   
  • We chose it because…  With Ago there is a space for everyone. The legs do not get in the way and the warm wooden table top seems infinite…it takes a second to turn it into the home’s most loved and creative place.



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