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Table Dry 45/A, design Alberto Meda 2019, Alias.

| Designbest editorial staff


n the classic approach of a brand that combines stylistic levity with cutting-edge technology by exploring and challenging material resistance up to the last millimeter, a table that is the perfect synthesis between formal minimalism and compositional richness.
It was 1987 when its designer started to experiment with the use of composite materials with a mould in a “rigid structural polyurethane with iron framework and RIM (Reaction Injection Moulding)” for the industrial production of this table. Now, 30 years later, this project returns centerstage.

  • What it is  Dry is a collection of tables presented by the Italian brand Alias on the occasion of its 40th anniversary.
  • What makes it special  It isn’t by chance that it is called Dry. Its structure is literally “stripped to the bone”. Coming from the search for design levity following the concept of “less form, more ideas”, Dry seems as if it’d like to mould a zoomorphic sculpture in a light and resistant form that combines inspiration from nature and technical knowhow.
  • How it is made  The simple and minimal transparent crystal top (extra light tempered glass) enhances the table’s base structure—its undisputed highlight. Made with enameled aluminum, it unfolds without breaks in continuity on its four legs, central beam and four ribs from which every last superfluous millimeter has been removed. The key detail of the entire project—an arduous technological challenge—is the joint that connects the supporting elements. In the Dry collection there is a tall table available in two dimensions (80 x 160/ 180 cm) and a low table (80 x 120/ 150/ 170 cm). There are six enameled aluminum finishes in various natural grey and earth tones.
  • Whose idea it is  Dry is a project by Alberto Meda, the contemporary design master, engineer, industrial designer, professor and “collector” of Compasso d’Oro (a solid five). His works are characterized by experimentation with new technologies and materials in the exploration of their limits. For Alias he has designed eight collections and an infinite number of products through the years. It all started in 1987 when, next to a draft of Dry, he designed LightLight (in the permanent collection of New York’s MoMA) and SoftLight, the two chairs that would go on to make history for the brand.
  • We chose it because…  Dry has a good thirty-year history and it is special pleasure to find out that such a meticulously conceived, studied and researched project has found a new industrial production solution thanks to the hand of its own inventor.



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