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Portego, Tarsine wooden tiles

| Designbest editorial staff


arsine by Portego are small wooden arabesque tiles; they can be assembled in endless ways. They are inspired by baroque Venetian tiles and they encourage us to update our home in a truly modern and original way. Tarsine by Portego: what a beautiful idea!

  • What are they? Tarsine by Portego is a line of modular wooden arabesque tiles.
  • What is special about them? Tarsine tiles reinterpret in a fresh new way baroque Venetian flooring. Tiles are inlaid. What’s more, Tarsine is a tribute to ancient Venetian decorations, however the silhouette of these tiles is extremely modern.
  • How are they made? Tarsine is a series of modular tiles in maple wood, each tile is inlaid in burnished oak with stylized crenellations. Tiles are laser-cut and treated in a special waterproof coating; this makes Tarsine suitable for bathroom walls.
  • Who are they by? Designer Serena Confalonieri, also teaches at the Polytechnic of Milan. She was inspired by baroque Venetian floor tiles, however she gave them a new lease of life and manufactured them in a material hardly ever used for this type of product. What’s more, these tiles have a distinct handmade quality; this also comes through in the soul of the new Venetian brand Portego. 
  • We have chosen them because… Tarsine are a graceful addition to any room, they instantly add a poetical vibe. They are perfect if you want to remodel your home: use them to update a tired entrance hall, customize your headboard or tile your bathroom. 
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