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Euromobil Cucine, kitchen Telero - design Roberto Gobbo

| Designbest editorial staff


he kitchen continues its evolution. And the trend is that this space is always getting bigger and more interconnected with the living room. It is essentially no longer a service room to be ‘separated’, but an integrated part of a diffuse way of life where one can meet family and friends among a sofa, a table, a dining room table and a countertop. 

There is now the need to rethink of kitchen design in terms of structures, functional solutions and aesthetics that are in line with this new idea of conviviality and domestic life. The Telero kitchen by Euromobil impeccably synthesizes this philosophy. Its established success confirms as much, and in 2020 it is preparing to further its definition of design based on technical and aesthetic updates.


What it is Telero by Euromobil Cucine is an elegant and functional kitchen with distinct volumes and a rationalist mood, whose focus is concentrated on the search for innovative materials in style and performance. It does so together with a redesigned functionality that keeps the evolution of contemporary ways of living in mind. In 2020 it extends its modularity and range of panels/facades.

How it is made Telero is inspired by 16th century Venetian teleri (frames). A distinctive trait is the presence of units with an aluminum frame where one can attach glass or porcelain stoneware infills for surprising chromatic and material effects. This update especially regards its facades with the nine varieties of the new collection of DEKOR glass, whose strength is based, as its name implies, on exclusive décor made to design. It is also possible to choose two sliding elements: AMBROGIO and MOTUS. The former is a storage unit equipped with a backlit motorized roller shutter. It comes up from the counter allowing one to eliminate doors and, consequently, the obstruction they create from opening. MOTUS is another slideable element and acts as a shelf for spices, books or other objects. It slides along the counter allowing one to have things at hand.

What makes it special Its flexibility, modularity and innumerable compositional possibilities. It is perfect for creating any type of space by making it functional and aesthetically impeccable.  The Image open system gets added which is capable of transforming ‘storage’ into an elegant link between the kitchen and the living room, allowing one to gradually extend the kitchen into the social and leisure areas of the living room.

Whose idea it is The Telero comes from a project designed by the architect and designer Roberto Gobbo. Born in Treviso in 1956, he graduated in architecture from IUAV Venice in 1982. In 1983 he opened his own studio covering design, outfittings, art exhibitions and interior and product design. He has collaborated with Euromobil and Zalf since 1988, and with Désirée since 1996, handling product design, showrooms and outfittings at Italian and international trade fairs.

We chose it because It is the synthesis of an idea of the kitchen that brings together functionality, rationality in use and beauty, ensuring one the complete freedom to customize it.






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