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Moroso, armchair Tent

| Designbest editorial staff


ecyclable, elegant, comfy: this armchair has what it takes to become a must-have piece of furniture. Because its style can easily adapt to any room, yet it appears to have been especially made to go outdoors and to keep us company during the warm weather, whether it’s in the garden or on the terrace.


  • What is it? Tent by Moroso, is the new outdoor deckchair.
  • What is special about it? It’s in 100% seamless recyclable nylon with breathable waterproof cushions, its 3D effect makes them extremely hardwearing as well as super comfy. And its contemporary elegant style can easily translate from indoors to out.
  • How is it made? Made from a single seamless piece, it has a steel structure that includes cushions and sleeves and a recyclable nylon lining, with three-dimensional mesh processing and breathable cushions that are water-resistant.
  • Who is it by? Born in 1984, Benjamin Hubert is a British industrial design. With special attention paid to furniture and lighting design, Benjamin’s London studio focuses on product and software design, as well as installation. The ultimate goal? To keep an eye out for sustainability.
  • We have chosen it because… It has a soft line and a bold style, yet it has an intrinsic lightness that translates into versatile elegance. Originally designed for the outdoors, it is one of those chairs that feels good everywhere: even in the living room, studio or bedroom. If you consider the fact that it’s made from recyclable materials too, it's the armchair to have.


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