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| Designbest editorial staff


op-quality manufacture, precious materials and attention to detail: Maxalto’s new range of storage furniture stands out for its elegance that combined to modernity and tradition, is destined to last in time. They create a luxurious living room with a unique, refined style. 

  • What is it  Tesaurus is a small range of storage furniture in three different styles, made by Maxalto.
  • What is special  Tesaurus’s precious quality is instantly apparent thanks to a harmonious rounded silhouette, elegant proportions, top-quality materials as well as the attention paid by master artisans to every single detail.
  • How is it made  Tesaurus’s precious exterior cladding is alternatively available in parchment (laid by skilled artisans according to an extensive, meticulous process), oak or Chilean Tineo wood, an extremely decorative type of wood thanks to the distinctive dark stripes of its dating tree rings. Assembled with crossed grain, the veneer creates a staggered checker pattern. The interiors are made of maple frisè veneer and in addition, the tops are in several types of marble: black Marquina, white Calacatta or Emperador. The storage furniture is available in three different versions with alternative heights and widths, with two or four doors, with drawers and flaps.
  • How is it by  Tesaurus is a project by the architect and designer Antonio Citterio who opened his first studio in 1972, before graduating from the Polytechnic of Milan. Partnering with Terry Dawn between 1987 and ‘96, he started studio “Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel” in the year 2000, designing a diverse range of international projects, from master plans for large urban areas to mass-produced furniture. Winner of two Compasso d’Oro awards, Antonio Citterio designs understated, classic pieces, timeless objects and pieces of architecture that connect to the reality of functional modernity.
  • We have chosen it because…  Tesaurus combines delicate elegance, inspired by fifties design and a splendour that for its attention to detail and superior-quality of the materials, evokes luxurious Baroque dressers. Unique as regards the complexity of the manufacturing process as well as the extensive proportion of manual work, Maxalto’s new collection takes you to a new level of luxury, in which its - instantly perceptible – value transforms every space into a classy setting.


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