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Cordivari, Tessuto Radiator - design Marco Pisati

| Designbest editorial staff


e could define this extraordinary modular system as a “haute couture” radiator, as it turns a classic model into a unique sartorial piece that is made to warm the atmosphere up with its exclusive style.


  • What it is Tessuto by Cordivari, the new modular and exclusive radiator.
  • What makes it special It is inspired by both the wefts and warps of fabrics and some of Andy Warhol’s serial repetitions which, thanks to their small defects, make each piece unique. The designer conceived of a series of enlarged metallic filaments and placed them near each other to create truly exclusive works. Each radiator is revolutionary and unique because it gets industrially made and yet no two pieces are the same.
  • How it is made It is made with vertical foils in extruded aluminum that imitate filaments and get placed near each other to create a unique plate with grooves that generate a constantly changing interplay of lights and shadows. The extruded profiles are 150mm wide and can be juxtaposed to create various sizes, with 11 heights and 5 widths with 80 chromatic variants (versions with heights greater than 1000mm are produced with hidden valves). Each piece is unique and different from one another despite being made in an industrial process. During factory assembly, the elements are purposefully put together in a random way to produce a unique design. Each radiator can be equipped with minimal shelves and towel racks that can be freely hooked to the radiator’s entire surface.
  • Whose idea it is Marco Pisati, the Italian architect and designer always looking into new materials and technologies. Devoted to radical experimentation, he passes with ease from aerospace design to interior design. And thanks to his eclectic and innovative approach he has received numerous international awards.
  • We chose it because… Its design is surprisingly elegant despite its minimal design. However, what especially sets it apart is that it comes from a serial industrial process and comes out as a sartorial and unique piece capable of guaranteeing high-performance together with its iconic and surprising style.



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