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Olmar, Prelude electric fireplace

| Designbest editorial staff


ven if spring is already here, the weather has been unstable and the barometer has been going up and down. This has got us suddenly pining for a fireplace—but just not any fireplace. Seeing how airing out the home is important especially in this period, in order to avoid the cold and gusts we have found an ad hoc solution: an electric fireplace that not only warm us up but also sanitizes the room.

This idea comes from Olmar, an Italian company which has designed and produced electrical heating, sanitizing and air cleaning systems without flues since 1957. The latest release from Olmar is Prelude, an electric fireplace that uses Far Infrared Rays, aka biogenic rays. Just as the sun does, these rays increase our body temperature and immediately make us feel better without having to move the air. And not only! Prelude’s exclusive technology takes advantage of silver ions and the ionization of the air, allowing us to sanitize the entire room without opening the windows.

This is all thanks to the Olmar’s patented DualAg+ process: a biogenic wave generator inside plate glass with pure silver. Thus, in addition to the beneficial prosperities of the sunrays, there are the silver ions’ antibacterial and microbial properties which improve our wellbeing.  These two functions can be used separately and all with minimal energy use. Prelude can be installed wherever as it doesn’t need a flue, doesn’t emit dust and doesn’t require any maintenance. It is the ideal solution for enjoying the warmth of the traditional fireplace and while always having pure air within the home—in every season and in complete respect of the environment.

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