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IGV,  AD Hoc project

| Designbest editorial staff


he latest amazing proposal from IGV, a leading company in the creation and production of lifts, comes from a combination of technology, aesthetics and innovation inside a magical box.

Under the guidance of renowned creative director Giulio Cappellini, the Ad Hoc project has turned the lift into a designer object/place. It includes a bold series of lift cars that refreshingly upend the concept of the lift that we have got used to.

The projects have been designed by prominent contemporary designers and are genuine architectural representations: Sky Lift by Mama Design, Eclipse by Carlo Colombo, Pop Up by CaberlonCaroppi, ON AIR by Marco Piva, Tatami by Studio Mamo and The Box designed by Cappellini together with Antonio Facco. These projects are sensorial architectures that turn the trip from one floor to another into a holistic experience via technological performance, stylistic elements and positive emotional experiences.

Everything started in the most classic of Italian ways, but with the addition of visionary foresight. It was the engineer Giuseppe Volpe who foresaw back in 1966 a happy union between state-of-the-art technology and meticulous design.  The first workshop for the design of pushbutton panels was founded from this idea in Vignate near Milan. They soon started producing electrical devices for automatic doors and then became the IGV Group, a leader in the creation of sophisticated and customizable high-end lifts.

Innovation, sustainability, problem-solving, and a taste for beauty that is capable of enveloping you in experiences are among IGV’s cornerstones. Among its many innovations, its new collection also boasts of the special CARe sanitizing system, which simultaneously uses UV-C sterilizing light and a ventilation device with a HEPA filter, removing up to 99.9% of pathogens and impurities. It is a silent and simple kit which can be installed and applied to any type of car, not only new models, and which holds the UNI EN ISO 14644 certification on par with the hospital sector.

It is an ambitious project that takes the lift to another level and brings industrial design to unexplored fields in order to bring the Made-In-Italy products around the world. All of their new models combine Italian knowhow, meticulous attention-to-detail and great taste which can be freely customized. These are magical boxes which can evoke futuristic scenes and literally transport us to seductive and surreal worlds. There’s nothing left to do but press the button and enter these beautiful spaces where you can be enveloped by brief yet immersive experiences surrounded by tactile textures, aromatherapy, and touches of light, art and nature.



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